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HUCKSTER London Sun Terrace Beer Garden Paddington Outdoor Cocktail Bar West London

Soak up the sun on our Sun Terrace. Where else?

HUCKSTER London Best Bottlomless Brunches in London High Line

Located on the first-level is HIGH LINE, raised above ground level allowing for views across the entire venue and within the main room while still sharing the atmosphere of the entire HUCKSTER experience.

HUCKSTER London Best Bottomless Brunches Paddington Chinatown
Chinatown logo

As guests make their way through HUCKSTER to the rear, they are welcomed into the intimate Private Room known as CHINATOWN. Overlooking the gritty street scene of Paddington North, this elaborate space is accompanied by a private drinks fridge, fitted with plush fixed seating and comfortable accent chairs. CHINATOWN serves as a private oasis designed for guests to relax after or provide a more intimate setting for socializing.

HUCKSTER Rubell's Best Bottomless Brunches in London
RUBELL's logo

A prominent stairway invites guests up to the Mezzanine level elevated above the main H Bar. RUBELL’s Karaoke Lounge is a captivating private environment curated to esteemed guests seeking a wilder live experience inspired by the late, great Steve Rubell who founded Studio 54 in Manhattan. The lounge creates the perfect environment for guests wanting to sing loud and proud to fantastic tracks old and new, RUBELL’s can be split into 2 x 16 people rooms or one combined for 34 people.

HUCKSTER Subway East

Just off the main area you will find Subway EAST private space with its retro mid 1980’s New York Subway car experience and dancing polls and allowing groups to create their own individualised party. You will certainly be the centre of the action riding the N line through Lower Manhattan on a Friday night.

HUCKSTER Secret Room Party West London Paddington Bar Cocktails

Room with no name

Aptly named, this room is HUCKSTER’S ‘secret back room’ which we cannot tell you about until you’ve booked it! Believe us, you and up to 20 guests will be floored upon entering for an exclusive VIP experience. Don’t tell a soul and don’t try to find it, you never will!!!  Mini Bar packages included! We will whisper a 3 digit code that you can tell only your friends – this will allow you access to the secret entrance to your secret room that only you will know about shsssss!

The Concept

Envisioned and created by AMBAR Entertainment, HUCKSTER London is an immersive 5,000-square-foot, multi-level space that offers a variety of environments, including H Bar, HUCKSTER COFFEE HOUSE, CHINA TOWN private room, RUBELL’s Karaoke Lounge, Subway EAST and HIGH LINE. This exceptional club-bar and street food diner concept also showcases a unique convergence of world-class mixology and Street art and graffiti street art by Dotmaster.

The Space

HUCKSTER London is more than a bar experience, it also has the ability to accommodate any type of private event. The various levels and atmospheres provide the unique flexibility to connect each individual space together, or utilize them separately, based on each group’s specific needs. HUCKSTER London has the capacity to accommodate groups from 20 to 400 guests.

HUCKSTER Bar Crafted Cocktails

World class international bartenders have infused HUCKSTER’s cocktail menu with the essence of Manhattan with its fun and party credentials. Only top ingredients and the freshest fruit and herbs go anywhere near these wet delicious delights of deviant decadence.