Events T&Cs

Upon paying towards your event, you agree to the below Terms & Conditions and consent to Huckster London charging the Deposit and/or Minimum Spend as specified in the Terms & Conditions.  

1. The Minimum spend means the Client must spend on food and drink purchases at the Event, regardless of what is consumed or ordered at the Event. To the amount agreed. 

2. Any food and drink ordered or consumed during the Event will be deducted from the Minimum Spend until the balance is £0. Once the Minimum Spend has been reached, the Client agrees that any additional goods and services ordered by the Client will be charged at the end of the Event and paid for on the night. 

3. The Client accepts that if the minimum spend is not met, Huckster London reserves the right to retain the full deposit paid.  

4. Corporate/Promoted events will require a Deposit of not less than £1,000 (to be paid as soon as possible in order to confirm the booking).

5. On the occasion an Event is booked less than 2 weeks prior to the Event Date, all payments must have cleared into Huckster London’s account, in full to book the event. If payments are not received, Huckster London reserves the right not to go ahead with the Event.  


6. Provisional Event Numbers are required at the time of the booking and final numbers must be confirmed 14 working days prior to the Event Date or as arranged with the Huckster London Events Manager in writing.

The Client accepts that any reduction in numbers after the confirmation of the final numbers will be charged at the full rate.  

7. The Client shall be responsible for bringing to the attention of Huckster London any dietary requirements of the attendees no later than 14 working days before the Event Date.  


8. Should the Client need to cancel the Event; the following policies apply:  

a. Huckster London will not refund any Deposit on cancellations with less than 5 weeks’ notice.  

b. Notwithstanding clause a. above, in the event that the Client has paid the full Minimum Spend, Huckster London will refund the Client all the monies minus the deposit.  

c. Any cancellations must be given in writing and sent to the following contacts: 
By E-mail: Both and 
An Event cancellation will not be accepted if Huckster London is informed solely by phone or voicemail  

9. Huckster London reserves the right to cancel the Event at the last minute if the Deposit is not received as specified under clauses 1 to 5 above.  

10. Huckster London may cancel an Event if any part of it is closed due to fire, force majeure, act of God or by the order of any public authority.  

11. If, in the situation where the Event is cancelled under the clauses 10, Huckster London will endeavour to reschedule the Event to another date.


12. Huckster London shall not publicise the terms of this Agreement or use the name of the Client, or trademark used by the Client, or refer to the Client, in any other way in any promotional literature, publications, advertising material or social media without the prior written consent of the Client  

13. Huckster London shall take all necessary steps to ensure that data or information belonging to the Client which comes into its possession or control in providing the Event and related services is protected in accordance with best industry practice. Huckster London shall promptly advise the Customer as soon as it becomes aware of any breach, or potential breach  

Client Responsibility  

14. The Client accepts that they are responsible for their guests, and any damage caused, or financial loss during the Event will be billed to the Client for payment in full within 7 days or taken from any deposits owed.

15. Huckster London reserves the right to eject from the premises, or refuse entry into the premises, any guest deemed to be intoxicated, threatening, violent, or lacking valid I.D to prove their age of 18 years old or our Challenge 21 policy.

16. All valuables, coats and items left in our cloakroom are left at the owners risk and HUCKSTER takes no responsibility for lost/stolen items.

General T&Cs


Your booking is only confirmed once you and your group purchased the tickets.

Your table will be booked only for the duration of your time slot. It is not possible to extend the table reservation on Saturdays, unless purchasing two set of tickets per person (must be continued time slots).

It might be possible to extend the table reservation on Sundays, this depends on availability, and will be confirmed by our Team on the day.

Securing your booking

We are delighted to provisionally hold a booking date for you; however, please be advised that if we were to receive another enquiry during this time, we reserved the right to ask you for immediate confirmation in writing, or we may release the date due to popular demand. We do not allow separate bookings to sit together, you must purchase all tickets under one name to ensure you are sitting as a group

Deposit & payment terms

Your booking is only confirmed once we have received the agreed deposit pre-payment, which will be used towards your food and drinks on the date. The deposit is fully refundable up to 2 weeks prior to your booking date. On arrival, we will kindly ask for a card to act as a guarantee against our agreed minimum spend requirement. Should the minimum spend not be reach, the balance must be settled on the day.

Guest numbers & ordering

If you are pre-ordering any food, please confirm the final guest number at least 10 days before your booking date. We ask for payment upfront when pre-ordering, and this can be done either by visiting the venue, over the phone or by bank transfer (required 7 days in advance).

We do not allow separate bookings to sit together, you must purchase all tickets under one name to ensure you are sitting as a group.

CANCELLATIONS: If you must cancel and you are not able to attend on an alternative date, please let us know at least 2 weeks in advance. We will process a refund on request.

SERVICE CHARGE: We add a discretionary 12.5% service charge to your final food and drinks bill.

AGE RESTRICTION: We are an over 21 years old venue. You might be asked for an ID on arrival.

No guests younger than 21 years old will be allowed to order or consume any alcoholic drinks inside our premises. If so, we reserve our rights to cancel the reservation on the spot and no refunds will be processed.

SITTING: Due to the current restrictions in place, all our reservations are for sitting-down events. We are not able to provide or allow standing service until the restrictions are eased. It is not allowed to stand anywhere in the venue or to dance, people must stay at their allocated table unless going to the restrooms or leaving the premises.

SOCIAL DISTANCE RULES: We can accommodate bigger groups, however tables of 10 is the MAXIMUM we allow outside, inside still remains 6 to a table. All the tables will be socially distanced by 1-2 metres. Everyone must stay at their allocated table; it is not possible to exchange seats between the tables.

FACE MASK: You must always wear a mask on arrival and every time you leave your table, as for example when going to the restrooms or when leaving the premises. If you are exempt for medical reasons, please bring a certificate or pin with you.

TIMINGS & ARRIVAL: We ask everyone to arrive at least half an hour earlier to join the outdoors queue. Please have your tickets ready to show at the door (mobile tickets or emails confirmation are accepted, no printing is needed).

We will hold your table 30 minutes after your booking time. However, please note that your reservation or package deal will not be extended if you are running late.

If a group or individual is intoxicated on arrival, our Security Officers and Venue Managers have the right to refuse their entrance to the venue. No refunds will be processed.

CAKEAGE FEE: If you would like to bring in your own cake into our facilities you must pay a cakeage fee. The fee ranges for £28 for a cake for 1-6  people, £56 for a cake for 7-12 people. You must also fill in a liability form to ensure health and safety measures.

NON-SMOKING:  Smoking is strictly prohibited anywhere in or out of the venue. Electronic cigarettes are also prohibited anywhere in the venue including restrooms. The use of electronic cigarettes might activate the fire alarms, and, in that case, we must evacuate the venue, that means that your reservation will be shorten and we will not extend or reschedule the reservation or process a refund.

ILLEGAL SUSTANCES: HUCKSTER have a zero-tolerance drugs policy. If a group or an individual is actioning against these rules, or if is found intoxicated, our Security officers and Venue Manager have the right to ask the entire group to leave immediately. Tickets will not be rescheduled, and no refund will be processed.

IMPROPER BEHAVIOUR: If a group or an individual is actioning against any of the rules, our Security officers and Venue Manager have the right to ask the entire group to leave immediately. Tickets will not be rescheduled, and no refund will be processed.

LEAVING WITHOUT PAYING: If a group or individual leave the premise without  paying their bill for the food and beverage they consumed. We have the right to charge their bank card the amount owed.

How to find us:

We are in Paddington Central business district.

From Paddington Station, walk west and into the office area known as Paddington Central
Once inside Paddington Central walk past the Amphitheatre and left up Kingdom Street (pedestrian road)
We are just up there you’ll find us on the right

12noon Street Food
5pm Party Time
11pm Close
Saturday and Sunday:
Bottomless Brunches